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All-purpose map data structure on steroids.

  • Can be used to store state as global, making a true singleton that can be used across packages.
  • Can be used locally as well.
  • Support asynchronous values.


npm install @encodable/registry global-box

Example usage

Create registries

import { Registry, SyncRegistry, makeSingleton } from '@encodable/registry';
// local registry (when globalId is not defined)
const registry = new Registry<string>();
// global registry
const globalRegistry = new Registry({ globalId: 'my-global-key' });
// create a singleton factory function
const getSingleton = makeSingleton(() => new Registry({ globalId: 'my-global-key' }));


// constant value
registry.registerValue('key', 1);
// sync loader
registry.registerLoader('key', () => 1);
// async loader
registry.registerLoader('key', () => Promise.resolve(1));
  • Registry can support both constant values and sync/async loaders.
  • SyncRegistry only support constant values and sync loaders.